Studio 8 : Arts EducationalScript-mapping based on book-topics: Experimental | Psychophysical Movement Arts | Parasympathetic System | Arts Stationary Cabinet and Graphics Shop |
       Initialising Presentations: book-article on Science of Lucid-Dream ("the Stuff of Dreams" forwarded as parts in the dimensions of consciousness studies and practice of physiology), as narrational scene by scene inner-science script-work on Qi and Prana medical system-synthesis, also presentation on defining practice-transitions through dimensions of consciousness, based on insights and empirical-statements of the epistemic science called phenomenology (in the mindfulness movement).

       Graphics Presentations
 Below is formed as symbol of "Water Element Philosophy of Innate consciousness':

Above is a special UK Wisdom-Tradition symbol (pertinently also connected to that salutary embodiment in Northmost China: as the Mount Wuti wisdom symbol. The style is excellently trained.

 Some cornice pieces for our text 


An ornament for the DynEq text (Anon). "Looks like the cultivated element of consciousness crying for the earth" (artist Anon).

Mountainous regions 
Melting : heat element
 Inscription: Hi-ma-la-ya |

A decorated Himalayan tent

A Laden Yak - Steaming.